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"Your dreams are our inspiration and your destination is our goal"


ACME STUDY POINT is an educational institution which came into existence in 2014 with a great approach to provide best result oriented quality education. The founders of ACME Study Point have the best academic backgrounds. The functioning of Acme Study Point is based on giving continuous motivation to the students. It is important that teachers learn to use a variety of teaching methodologies in order to serve the best range of learning requirements within the class environment and we are already gelled into that.

Keeping in mind the need of aspirants, we facilitates them with the following methods :
  • CLP – Classroom Learning Program.
  • OLP – Online Learning Program.
  • GBC – Guidance for Better Career
Our Objective

Education is integral for the growth & development of an individual. The expectation from an educational institute is always about making the society better for all and to bring out one’s True Potential in the service of the mankind. When we take a glimpse of the yesterdays, we find that it was very comfortable for the students then to choose their career options.

However, nowadays the scenario is far from that. Desire does not work in today’s tough competitive environment. One has to be aware of the latest examination patterns, and has to put efforts in the appropriate direction to achieve his/her way to success.
Academic and learning environment provides a platform where students from diverse backgrounds come together and compete for the best. The distinguished faculty and management at Career Mentor nurture this diversity and prepare them into efficient and effective human beings.

Missions & Goals

“Your dreams are our inspiration and your destination is our goal”. Achieving success needs skill but one cannot be successful without guidance and practicing it. Believing in enhancing ones is the guiding principle we are dedicated with.